Old Comics

I was digging through an old email account and came across a number of comics that i created from 2004-2006. The idea behind the comics (they are pretty rough and don’t really make a lot of sense) was to get away from blogging. To spend time creating quick comics that captured a moment of my day that most resonated with me. At the time, I was pretty obsessive with writing but not in the most creative way.

Y’see, kids. A long, long time ago, before there was Facebook, there was a beautiful land called Livejournal. It was a place where one could blog away to their heart’s content. Wandering through its vast collection of blogs, one searched for users to follow… based on shared interests and interesting things they chose to post. A chronic blogger was always longing for amicable followers who might comment on their entry, adding favourable social value to anything web-published.

Eventually, like most social media networks, one comes to realize that the things they may be sharing are to boast about their social status or social well-being. In contemporary terms, this can be referred to as a #humblebrag. But back then, it was difficult to understand this passive over-sharing of one’s personal life chronicled in semi-deceptive images/quotes/blurbs/jokes, etc.

OH HO HO. What fools we once were.

Anyways, I stopped blogging and journalling because I found myself in this weird state of vanity-distorted simulacra.

It probably wasn’t that bad but when you start blogging at age 17, there’s a lot to cringe about by age 23. Even now, I just deleted a “semi-professional” blog that I started a few years ago. I’ll probably delete this very entry one day.

Enjoy it while you can, nothing is permanent.


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