June — What is going on here.

hot dog summer

Saturday June 15, 2013

Hotel TakeOver at Burrard Hotel
If I wasn’t poor, I would try to go to this. But seriously, at $35 a ticket, I’m not going to risk going there by myself or with a friend. I will be overwhelmed by yoga hipsters and yaletown-y folks that think $8 beer is totally normal. I get that it’s a fundraiser. I’m just frugal, leave me alone.

Vancouver’s Burrard Hotel Hosting One Big Retro House Party

HOLD UP. The organizers for this event gave me info for an early cheap show at the same above venue for only $5. Ask out to the internet, and thou shall receive possibly helpful information. In this case, I can totally hit up this party, and check out the Burrard Hotel which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Go to this, no excuse:

Rollerderby – Riot Girls vs. Squamish Sirens
If I’m feeling ambitious, I might try and hitch a ride to Upper Squamish to watch this game.

But as much as the Sirens may sing a sweet song, the bbq on my patio has its own serenade going on.

Punk Show at the Astoria

In all honesty, I’ll probably end up going to this.


Friday June 21, 2013

EVENT A – Start your evening here:
THE BIG FOLDY PAINTING OF DEATH by Ian Forbes, at grunt gallery

“I endeavour to make objects that reveal the magic space created by the imagination and push the limits of my abilities. My most recent work is a conversation between the tradition of painting and contemporary artistic practice: a bizarre confluence of technique, critique and personal expression generated by my ongoing investigations of narrative image creation… inspired by the Foldy Books of Death (FBoD).”
– Ian Forbes, Artist Statement.

I’ll be here, talking it up with everyone.


EVENT B – Then go to this:
Inhabitants at the China Cloud

“Pete Schmitt … Bass
Skye Brooks … Drums
Dave Sikula … Guitar & Electronics
JP Carter … Trumpet & Electronics

Formed in 2004, Vancouver’s Inhabitants have ascended to become one of Canada’s most prominent creative music ensembles. In 2009, Inhabitants were nominated for a Juno Award for ‘Instrumental Album of the Year’, a National Jazz Award for ‘Electric Group of the Year’ and a Western Canadian Music Award for ‘Instrumental Recording of the Year’! Their singular approach defies genre, melding jazz, rock, noise and free improvisation with new perspective. Trumpeter JP Carter, guitarist Dave Sikula, bassist Pete Schmitt and drummer Skye Brooks find a rare cohesiveness in Inhabitants, cultivated from years of musical collaboration in groups like Fond of Tigers, Copilots, Carsick, DarkBlueWorld, The NOW Orchestra and Tony Wilson’s 6tet.”


Thursday June 27, 2013

Molotov Hearts book release
At the Storm Crow
“Join us on Thursday June 27th at the Storm Crow Tavern for the book launch for Chris Eng‘s novel Molotov Hearts. Many of you may followed the weekly serialization of the punk romance novel on Hoodieripper.com with bated breath. Well, there is no longer any reason to leave your breath bated: ‘Molotov Hearts’ been released as a real live paperback book and will be for sale at the Storm Crow that night. In addition, Chris will read a few choice bits from ‘Molotov Hearts’ and maybe one or two other exciting things. Following that, he will sign copies of his book, napkins, body parts, or whatever.”

I drew the illustrations for the webpublishing component of this project, which I have mixed feelings about because during 80% of the project I had a broken finger….long story short, it ended up not being the best work I felt I could create. BUT this isn’t about me, it’s about Chris. Who is awesome.


Saturday June 29, 2013

Man Up at the COBALT

I haven’t been to Man Up in months! It’s one of my favourite nights in Vancouver. So I’m going to try and go to this special Long Weekend one. Yes, I will be in Vancouver for the long weekend. I’ve battled insane #1 highway traffic too many times in the past.


Bike Rave

My friend Ash commented about Bike Rave happening this year. I went the last time it happened but had to go home early. I’m going this year. And I will navigate that 2-wheel party from 2nd Beach to Science World until 4 am if I have to!

More neon this year, it’s a must.


Know of other awesome things happening this month? TELL ME. I WANT TO KNOW.


7 thoughts on “June — What is going on here.

  1. Hey Karlene! Cool blog you’ve got going on and your art is great!

    I think you’ve got the wrong impression of the Hotel Takeover event. No yoga-hipster-yaletown types at this one… we’re skateboarders, tattoo artists, painters with studios in the DTES, deejays and other cool people you’d probably like. Are you familiar with Color Magazine? Check them out: http://www.colormagazine.ca

    Sad you’ll miss partying with us, but you’ll get another chance to see what Jamcouver is all about on Aug. 3 with our huge outdoor skateboard contest!

    All the best!

    1. Hey, thanks! I’m surprised you found this blog.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it will be a rad party! It’s just too steep for my wallet. Which is why I joked that only those who reside in yaletown can afford to go.

      My cheap ass will bemoan not going to this party after I hear how incredible it was on Monday.

      If you’ve got free/under $20 stuff planned for the future, I will be there. Bowtie and all.

      1. Word! Hyped you’ll be able to make it now. Oh, and we’re not trying to price people out of the event—pre-sale tix were on for $22 for weeks and have only recently gone up. Make sure to keep following us on Twitter and FB to hear about the next great event!

  2. You forgot National Aboriginal Day Celebrations – Musqueum, and Trout Lake.

    Recognize Yo!

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