Aug 2012

The train was filled with groups of girls traveling together. Girls in their early 20s, on summer holiday from university or college. Girls with bleached blonde hair and thick bangs that hung over deep set eyes and cheeks speckled with pimples or freckles. Doll faced girls with tiny features, wispy hand movements and long brown hair. Girls with stares that cut men in half. Long legged, strong shouldered in pastel jeans and v-necks. All of them with no- nonsense sneakers. They murmured together in dutch or german. Gathered in train seats confiding quietly or eyes closed with headphone cords tangled around a sleeve. They stared lifelessly at loud jocks who swaggered in the aisles with beer bottles in hand. Guys who talked loud to be heard and stole glances at the girls gathered in packs of five or six. The more the young men boasted, the further the girls turned their heads. Looking far out the window, as the train lurched forward. Carrying them far away somewhere together.


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