WITNESS at the Belkin

WITNESS at the Belkin

Went to the opening reception of Witness at the Belkin gallery out at UBC. Works by Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun ( a new painting), Tania Willard (linograph prints carved out of wood), Skeena Reece (a video project) and Lisa Jackson (interesting video that was commissioned by ImagiNATIVE).

It’s worth checking out, I was happy to attend the opening. It was good to hear Chief Robert Joseph speak. I used to hear him speak a lot when I was working at the First Nations Health Council. Nice to see Musqueam Elder, Larry Grant, as well.

The exhibition made me realize that I need to not be afraid of incorporating more of a personal side to my artwork. I think when I was just finishing school I was getting sick of the narcissistic ego involved with art making because at that age (early 20s) you have such little life experience to base your practice off of and identity politics can get very shallow seeming. But when I think about my installation projects, I realize that since they are about my family and cultural background that I am side-stepping any of my personal involvement in how they came to be…and that is exactly what is missing. So I’ll be revisiting some of my video projects when I head up to my mom’s reserve, Anaham, this October.



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