Write, right?

I am attending this in October:
Julie Flett, Julie Morstad & Richard Van Camp in Conversation
It’s a breakfast event on October 19th with 2 of my favourite children’s book illustrators and one of my favourite native writers.

I’m also signed up for the Indigenous Writer’s Conference happening at SFU that same weekend.

Recently, I was asked to be interviewed by Heather Joan Tam for a new podcast series with YAN (Youth Action Network). She found me based on a zine that I wrote a few years ago, she picked up a copy at Canzine West. I am really humbled by it, it means a lot for words that I have written to be so remembered.

I hope to clean up some of my old writing for the conference later in October. Also, ever since re-reading some old stories of mine, I think it’s time to get back into the practice of writing fiction.

On another note, poet Neil Eustache read some of his work at grunt gallery the other night. I really liked his poems. We use a lot of the same themes, which is what first caught my attention. But I am obsessed with optimism and hope, and there is a definite cynicism in his writing, which I can appreciate. I also liked how he didn’t sound like a poet, and by that I mean he didn’t have that typical slam poetry rhythm.


Nothing like the rain to motivate you to write.


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