Back to the drawing bored.

Drawing is like anything. Practice, practice, practice.
Today I was explaining to a friend that lately since I’ve started drawing/painting more that it’s good but it takes more time to plan out what I’m going to do. She wondered why. I mentioned how that when you regularly practice drawing, you fall into a rhythm. A certain type of groove that offers a steady productiveness that is both rewarding and somewhat intuitive or synergetic.

Since I’ve started playing rollerderby, most of my art-making has taken a backseat in terms of what I would consider a priority in my non-work hours. This would have made me feel apprehensive in my early 20s. But now I understand rollerderby as an experience that I need to have and to live to its fullest before I finally return my attention back to art.

Back to drawing. I draw and erase more than ever. I used to pride myself on taking pen to paper and having the confidence to ink an entire idea out on paper with no concern of mistakes. Wrong lines drawn where. Perspective gone awry.

Currently, I draw and erase so much that I worry that the paper will be rubbed rough. But that’s okay. I know it’s because I’m out of practice.

In music, it takes a lot of time, dedication and practice to learn how to solo or improvise properly. “Properly”. By that I mean, to find that synergetic place where your practice feels like it has its own momentum. It’s hard to explain.

A friend once asked me what my spirituality was like. That seems pretty funny. I have been an atheist for a long time but was trying to reconcile my understanding of my respective first nation spirituality. It’s different from religion. I told her that making art, was the only time that I felt that my body, my mind and my spirit worked so well together that it was almost zen-like. It felt perfect. That was when I was drawing very regularly.

So I’m trying to find that feeling with drawing, again. I’m trying to spend more time with it so that the ability to take ideas and just let them happen feels more fluid. So they can feel more natural and easy to come by.

We’ll see what happens.


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