NOV-DEC: Things that are great about Vancouver!

This is a post for everything that I’m stoked about for Vancouver during the winter-time. Don’t worry, it’s not all seasonal based. Some of it is just interesting stuff that I’ve learned about recently.

Instead of going for a coffee with your friend, invite them out for a skate around at a local ice rink. It doesn’t matter if you’re shuffling around like a knock-kneed bambi. The important part is to order a cup of syrup filled hot chocolate with a cardboard box of fake orange cheese nachos and to remember what it’s like to hold hands with one of your good friends. Trust me, it’ll happen as soon as you nearly stumble. Yes, you will stumble. You are not Pavel Bure.

Me too. It doesn’t matter how mild Vancouver is in the winter. There will be a pang of SAD sooner or later. This is what you do. You listen to local band, The Courtneys. They are the cure for your winter blues. The good news is that they’re constantly playing around vancouver all the time. I’m serious. I found out about them a little more than a month ago and I swear they have a gig every weekend.

You haven’t read anything for a few months? You illiterate slag! The perfect place to start is with Chris Eng’s HoodieRipper. He posts short stories and actually has a full-length YA novel available. Peruse his site, because let’s be honest. The internet is your most prized outlet to the outside world as you buckle down for the approaching winter. Don’t be scared, just read some punk-rock fiction. Also, you might want to think about buying some Vitamin D, just sayin’.

NOVEMBER 29 – FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery
FUSE is the place to go for the kind of art party you’ve always been searching for. My friend, Germaine Koh, will be involved with this upcoming FUSE with an interactive LEAGUE project.

Nothing like a bowl of noodles to give you that warm and cozy feeling. Visit Veggie Chau Express on Victoria and 33rd (ish) to try out this really sweet Veggie/Vegan contemporary Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered take-out but next time we’re going to hang out at their space. BONUS: They’ve recently become a licensed establishment! I recommend the “Candlelit Lantern Down the River” or “Sliding Down the Sand Dunes”. Don’t forget to order a side of “Non La”. Check out their menu here.

The long wait for the Craft Beer Market at the ol’ Salt Building located at the Olympic Village is over! You can now visit this fine establishment and order a variety of craft beers. I have yet to go there but hope to make it there this week.

I also want to try out the East Side Craft House, located up Knight street. My sister warned me of harsh fluorescent lighting at this joint but hopefully they’ve changed owners/lighting since her last visit. My friend recommends this place over most pubs in the area for their wide selection of local beers.

Local artist, Rebecca Chaperon, has an exhibition on Dec 6th to promote her new book EERIE DEARIES. A macabre and haunting take on the alphabet. Visit the opening reception or her website for beautiful art work…. including a series of icebergs that I’m in love with.

DECEMBER 6-7 – TOQUE at Western Front
Oh stop your whining, you love a good craft sale as much as the next person. Toque has the perfect vibe for someone looking to shop local for their loved ones for the approaching giftmas season.

Tell me everything I forgot about it in the comments!


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