Rebel Rebel


Finally got around to scanning my work into my computer. This can be very time-consuming, I have been working on this since 12noon-5:30pm. To be fair, I did spend some time on photoshop tweaking images.

The other night I attended a talk called, HOW TO WRITER GOODER. Earganie Yuh was the presenter and she gave some straight forward tips on how to improve one’s writing.

I think I’ve learned a lot on how to make my writing more concise, I am definitely guilty of adding a lot of jargon to my writing. I remember reading a lot of Hemingway a few years ago and I liked how he stripped down his writing so much. I tried that when I was writing short stories and I really liked how my tone came across – a lot less flowery and amateurish.

One quote she mentioned:
“Good writing is like a skirt. It’s long enough to cover all the bits, but short enough to keep it interesting.”

Here are the topics she discussed:
1. Passive voice should be avoided. [avoid the passive voice]
2. [really] avoid [very] weak words.
3. Use fantastic nouns and awesome verbs.
4. Watch out for words that are over used to the point that they don’t make sense/resonate meaning anymore. Words like, community engagement; outreach; capacity, etc.
5. Don’t use exclamations too much!!!!

Some tips she provided once you’ve written something:
– Let it sit.
– Read it out loud.
– Show it to someone else.
– Kill your darlings.
– Practice.
– Read more.

She then namedropped an interesting website called, 750 words. It’s an online community that encourages people to write 750 words on a daily basis. I’m going to sign up for it and start using it.


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