Meet Team Canada 2014: Karlene Harvey #84

In case you were wondering what that interview was like for Team Canada.

Derby Frontier

Karlene Harvey , aka Buffy Sainte Fury, wasn’t originally searching for Roller Derby when she first stumbled across the sport. On the hunt for a new collaborative project to get involved in, she was actually considering starting up a band when one day, while walking along the Vancouver seawall with one of her best friends, she saw a bunch of rollergirls skate by. Harvey knew she had just witnessed something special and three days later she had bought all of her Roller Derby gear.

After skating on her own for a little while Harvey tried out for Terminal City Rollergirls (TCRG) fresh meat program in 2010. By 2011 she was fully benchmarked and was drafted to the TCRG’s rookie house team, the Public Frenemys. In her first season of play she made it to the TCRG’s league finals alongside her teammates and was also awarded both rookie of the…

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