See what I’m saying?


This work was created in 2011-2012. The images are enlarged prints of photographs found in family photo albums. The frames are made out of BC pine beetle wood. The photos are of young people in the 1970s hanging around Anaham reserve, Tsilhqot’in territory. The text may seem simple and unassuming. While working at INAC, I came across a document that outlined how these words were quite heavy with meaning in terms of contracts and treaties. I was interested in juxtaposing these images and text and creating images that challenged the weight of these words and perhaps reclaim the power they hold; allowing the strength to fall within the people shown in the images.

This work was shown in the Atrium Gallery at Kwantlen College University in January 2012. It was shown with “Sechanalyagh” in an exhibition entitled: Qungh Natazesjah (I am on my way home)


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