Drawing is my number one love. You can click through the tabs listed by years. Or you can visit my flickr site to see all of my work.

My process is typically this:

  1. Finalize a sketch via pencil and paper.
  2. Ink the sketch with a fountain pen (sometimes an archival ink pen if I’m feeling fancy and want a darker, more consistent pigment)
  3. Scan the drawing into my computer
  4. Touch up the drawing in photoshop. That means erasing remaining pencil lines or thinning some of the ink lines.
  5. Import the photoshopped file into illustrator. Sometimes I vectorize the drawing, sometimes not. Depends on the look that I’m going for. If it’s a clean look, I’ll colour the drawing in illustrator.
  6. Import the file back to photoshop and start colouring the image with a variety of brushes and methods.

If you have any questions or would like to commission some work, please email me: karlene.harvey(at)


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