A Good Day With Grandma & Me (Summer 2013)
A heart-warming children’s story of a secwepemc boy learning how to better understand his Kye7e (Grandmother) as she experiences the beginning statges of memory loss.

The Same Old Haunts (Fall 2010)
A collection of poetry written from 2007-2010. Many of the poems were written while I was working at INAC, specifically in the department that conducted research for residential school student abuse claims. Some of these poems have been printed in poetry magazines and zines across Canada.

Three Short Stories
Three stories that I wrote from 2008-2010. The stories range in protagonists: The first is about a lonely older woman who is interrupted from her daily routine by a young local girl. This visit surges a series of memories and reflections that the woman has about her family and years past. The second is about an elderly man who lives in a senior’s home. Old age and solitude has caused this man to understand the choices that had led to his current situation and how he reconciles with his past in order to find a restful future. The third story is about a young woman who contemplates what kind of path she is embarking on and how much of it is reliant on her on-again-off-again boyfriend.

A funny short story about a girl that prefers to ride a tandem bicycle solo-style.

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